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News, 2/9/2015

Towards a greener future

Embassy of Finland in Pristina

Educating children about recycling in Naim Frasheri school.

Last year, in March, the Embassy of Finland started cooperation with a Pristina NGO called Green Art Center (GAC). The idea of the project “I Think Green” was to create an implementable model for environmental education and waste separation in ten schools.

Director of GAC, Ms. Merlina Beu Mucaj stated that one of the GAC’s objectives was to prove that by engaging them on activities, the young can have a considerable impact on improving the way and standard of living, focused on a better environment and overall a richer life.

In the last eleven months, goals set for the “I Think Green” project have already been achieved. Active “Green Clubs” within schools were created as well as the long-term, independent and sustainable system of waste management in ten schools of Pristina municipality. The project which included the separation of the recyclable waste and general waste was endorsed by the community, students and teachers, children and parents as well as institutions and media. These extra-curriculum activities of schools are having a direct impact on raising the awareness on different environmental issues.

Embassy of Finland in Pristina
Embassy of Finland's Anne Meskanen and the Mayor of Pristina, Shpend Ahmeti, planting a tree in the Green School's yard on the international Earth Day.

The authorities of Pristina municipality followed closely the implementation of “I Think Green” and its implementation was evaluated very successful. Due to this success, they invited GAC to implement the same model of “I Think Green” in 42 other schools of Pristina. The funding has already been secured and the continuation of this model project in other schools should start soon.

The Embassy staff is enchanted with the success of this project, its sustainability and its impact on environment protection. Similar projects with clear aims and goals towards a cleaner and greener Kosovo will continue to be supported in the future.

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Updated 2/9/2015

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