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News, 6/4/2015

Supporting health awareness of women and children 

Embassy of Finland in Pristina
Midwife Ilmije Gulan measuring blood pressure of a woman who just recently gave birth.

Midwife Ilmije Gulan measuring blood pressure of a woman who just recently gave birth.

The Ideas Partnership (TIP) works for improving the living conditions in the municipalities of Fushë Kosovë and Janjevo. The project Healthy Families in a Healthy Environment, launched in March 2015, aims to raise awareness on healthy nutrition, hygiene and environmentally friendly way of living and at the same time it supports the income generation and education of the most underprivileged part of the Kosovar society. The target group of the project is Romani, Ashkali and Egyptian Community (RAE) and especially the young women of these two municipalities.

Embassy of Finland in Pristina
Kids in the kindergarten of Fushë Kosovë. The kindergarten is run by volunteers.Kids in the kindergarten of Fushë Kosovë. The kindergarten is run by volunteers.

With the support of the Embassy of Finland TIP is organizing weekly classes for more than 100 children. These children are provided for example toothbrushes and toothpaste and taught how to take care of their health. Children are also offered some healthy snacks to adjust them for eating more nutritious and healthy food. 

In addition every week more than 20 women are attending parenting classes to learn about the nutrition and health services for families. The project is also supporting antenatal training and monitoring health of the pregnant women. The girls in a risk of school drop-out are motivated and encouraged to study in weekly girls clubs, where they hear about different career options and opportunities for studies.

The healthy and eco-friendly way of living is also embraced through a gardening project. A couple of families in Fushë Kosovë have already started to grow tomatoes, pepper, salad, cabbage and onions and in the future there might be a chance to gain some incomes out of that. Moreover TIP will launch a composting project and is also finding out possibilities to start producing biogas. 

The Project Manager Jehona Ademaj and the Junior Advisor Sara Linnoinen visited the project premises in Fushë Kosovë. During the visit they attended a meeting between a midwife Ilmije Gulan and pregnant women. Gullan measured the blood pressure of the women, gave them necessary vitamins and advices for nutrition and lactation. Gulan also helps the women to get to the hospital, which has decreased risky deliveries at home. One of the women, Nerxhivane Hasani, 26, told that before meeting Gulan she didn't wanted to go to gynaecologist, but now she knows how important it is. She hoped that she would have gotten more advice already when she was expecting her first two children. 

Embassy of Finland in Pristina
Mrs. Barjrami watering the seeds of tomatoes, peppers, onions and cabbage.Mrs. Barjrami watering the seeds of tomatoes, peppers, onions and cabbage. 

Ademaj and Linnoinen also visited families who have started grow vegetables. At the moment 11 women are taking part to the project. The seeds of the small gardens of Kimete Bajrami, 35, Nexhybe Zymeri, 30, and Mevlyde Islam, 49, were planted just a while ago, so it will take time and patience to have results. Nevertheless the women hope they will able to sell some of the vegetables and generate some small income through that. None of them or their husbands was employed at the moment. 

TIP has taken a lot of initiatives in Fushë Kosovë and the Embassy also visited the premises of a kindergarten run by volunteers. TIP has also granted students with scholarships. Ali Sadriu, 19, is now an English language freshman in the University of Prishtina thanks to the TIP scholarship. Sadriu also volunteers for the gardening project and kindergarten and gains important working experience through that. During the summer he will even substitute Arta Ponoshecia, the project coordinator of TIP. 

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