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News, 7/31/2018

Statement by EU Heads of Missions in Kosovo

Following the visit by EU Heads of Mission to Decan/i Special Protective Zone on 26 July 2018, we welcome the agreement among Implementation and Monitoring Council (IMC) members that Kosovo has a duty to fully adhere to its legislation on Special Protective Zones and to its international commitments regarding the protection of religious and cultural heritage and the rights of its communities' members. While the EU recognizes the value of roads that link communities, applicable procedures must be followed. Prior to any activity affecting a Special Protective Zone, the Implementation and Monitoring Council (IMC) must be consulted and its decisions be fully respected, in the interest of safeguarding religious and cultural heritage and upholding the rule of law in line with Kosovo’s international commitments. The EU recalls Kosovo’s previous commitment not to commence work on the road until the bypass route is fully planned and funded, and urges that this commitment will be upheld.

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Updated 7/31/2018

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